The Calvary

We're a team of dedicated technologist that love to build stuff for the web. We love refactoring projects down to simple, clean, inovative solutions that solve for the problems of today and stand the test of tomorrow.

We maintain a small core team of highly skilled professionals which allows us to be nimble enough to capitalize on the ever changing landscape of cutting edge technology. Each member has been a part of the day-to-day ramblings of corporate America as well as the caffeine filled weeks of a boot strapped start up. That diversity allows us to evaluate each new project from a multi-dimensional perspective ensuring the most through delivery possible.

Dustin Hotard

Dustin is the mad scientist of our operation. We think he is wired wrong, but that is how we like it.

With over a decade of technology experience Dustin has a unique perspective to today’s ever evolving world of technology. He programs in more languages than we can keep track of and is adept at data integration with more sites than we can count. He is actively involved in all technical aspects of our client relationships so whether it's architecting a social networking campaign, developing and ecommerce site, setting up response tracking on an email or sweepstakes campaign, building a mobile device application or running SEO/SEM... Dustin is a critical part of the Practability team. He also brings tons of credibility as a Microsoft Certified Developer and a Google Apps partner. He is also involved in research, vendor selection and strategic partner development ensuring Practability stays ahead of the curve on new trends, talent and technologies, ensuring we provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

William O'Sullivan

Adrenalin Junkie Commando mixed with a gallon of nerd is the only way to describe Will.

If we can get him away from his crotch rocket we like to lock him in his office with enough Mountain Dew® to over exert just about anyone and wait to see the masterpiece he emerges with. In all seriousness, Will is a brilliant mind who has been thinking outside the box for close to 10 years and we are thankful he is a part of our team.

Elizabeth McKinley

Elizabeth is a Southern Belle who some believe taught Indiana Jones how to crack a whip.

She is responsible for keeping us working and our clients happy. Her priority is gathering and organizing client requirements and content, keeping clients up to speed on the project and making sure everyone is on track to meet deadlines. Elizabeth’s background is in sales and marketing and has been exceeding client expectations.

Brian Giboney

If you are looking for the cool guy in the room, look no further. The fonz only hopes to be as cool as Brian.

Brian brings over a decade of graphic design and marketing experience to the company, both agency and client side. He is actively involved in all client relationships in the arenas of marketing and or creative services. Brian has a passion for great design yet he is highly skilled at always keeping the big picture and client objectives in focus. This translates to a better user experience, higher conversions, response and return on your investment. Brian received a BA Degree in Communication Studies from California State University Long Beach and graduated cum laude. After interning in college Brian began his career as an associate art director at Gage Marketing in Irvine, CA designing and presenting creative for major nationwide brands such as Kaiser Permanente, Lawry's foods and Nissan Auto. He then moved on to run his own marketing and design firm BDG Communications for several years managing clients such as Toshiba, 3DayBlinds and St Jude Heritage Medical Group just to name a few. Since joining the Practability team he has become an invaluable asset.