How We Work

Solutions.In one word, that's what we are all about. We are a close knit group of professionals who provide innovative technology solutions to clients covering a broad range of industries. We combine the best of strategic thinking with exceptional design and the latest in web and software development to create immersive interactive experiences which win our clients and theirs as well. The process can be fluid and dynamic but is always highly intentional. Over the years we have developed an effective methodology which acts as our model for success. We call it the 5-D approach.


We say: Knock, knock
You say: Who is there?
We say: We are.
You say: We are who?
We say: We are the ones who will make things happen.

This is where we get to know our client's unique business environment, so open up and let us in. During this process we will challenge assumptions, explore hypotheses, and establish tangible measures of success. In short, we immerse ourself in your world so we can understand how it works and what needs to be done.


Now that we know what you do and how you do it, together we can work to define the solution which will meet your needs, timeframe and budget. We feel this is the most important part of the process. We like to measure twice and cut once. This can involve leveraging existing trends and technologies or innovating new ones. The define stage is all about establishing an efficient strategic solution that delivers the highest possible return on investment and time.


At this point in the process our creative team is armed with a solid understanding of the client, their audience, major competing brands, and our unique goals and objectives. This is fueled for creating powerful, engaging visuals, whether it's a really cool phone application, a website, or the look of an entire company.


Once we lock in the final design and functionality, the next step is execution. This could be developing and building a website, creating and launching a mobile device application or deploying a nationwide sweepstakes just to name a few. This is where our development shines. Our motto is strive for perfection and accept excellence.


Finally we measure the impact and success of our work. This can involve web analytics, looking at response rates on an html email campaign, or surveying users and consumers of their brand experience. All providing invaluable data to fuel future business decisions.