Our Bag of Tricks

Everyone has a brother-in-law’s, best friend’s cousin’s, sister who does “websites.” Not only are they the best around but also the cheapest and they can do anything in a few days.

We could not employ any of those people since they are in high demand, so instead we have a core group of professionals who believe in excelling at these six elements to produce a top notch solution and very happy clients.

  • Planning

    Once we understand your vision we can begin to form the basis for your application.

    Research and analysis of our client and the competition allows us to fully understand the needs and goals we are going to achieve. We like to start at a 10,000 foot level and then narrow in to the smallest of details. We feel this is the most important part of the process and is essential for keeping any project on scope, track and of course budget.

  • Designing

    Design is more than colors and layout, it is about evoking a feeling.

    Understanding what the client is communicating and how the client wants to be perceived is essential in creating a great design. A website is a dime a dozen, but one that makes has a call to action without saying a word is a truly a masterpiece.

  • Development

    Scalability. Often this word is used, rarely is it understood.

    There are many was to achieve similar goals with technology. The key factor many overlook is what happens after the current project is complete. Our Developers build software to build and grow with rather than always having to re-create the wheel.

  • Marketing

    Location, location, location…need we say more.

    Even if your product cures cancer, it does no good if no one knows about it. Getting in front of customers is always fun. Once we understand your goals we have creative ways to meet them.

  • Content

    Don’t be the pretty girl with nothing to say.

    Creating rich content that is beneficial to your users is one of the most important aspects of having a great presence. There are many ways to achieve great content and we will be happy to walk you through the decision making process.

  • Comittment

    If you are committed to us we will be forever committed to you.

    We like to work hard for our clients and want them to be equally engaged in the process. We don’t just produce web applications we nurture relationships in hopes of building a better world to work.